An Assessment and Prescription video by Myo Australia CEO, Dr Mary Bourke (Chiropractor) 


About this Page

This page acts as a resource hub for everything you need to use Myo Munchee effectively in your practice. To help the scope of Myo grow we absolutely need your input to tell us what you want and need from us. 

Browse what we have curated so far, and if there is more you would like access to, please contact Dr Mary Bourke using the form at the bottom of this page. 

Instructions and Charts:

The following patient resources are available for download and can be printed or emailed to your patients:

Instructions for use Adult Use

U-Trim Instructions

Instructions for use Children (Munching with Children)

Myo Munchee Progress Chart for Children (60 days)

A Myo Story (for reading while chewing)

Product Info:

Basic product and price information including dimensions of all 7 products

Product Dimensions and Prices

Product Features

Patients Flyers and Information:

These detail how to use the Myo Appliances for specific conditions and can be emailed or printed for your patients/clients

Dribbling and Speech

Ear Infections

Pacifier and Thumb Sucking

Imperfect Bites


Dr Bourke's Research Articles and Cases:

A very brief selection of some of Dr Kevin's life work that will be of interest to Allied Health Practitioners 

Dynamics of Forward Head Posture

Oral Physiotherapy Lecture

Malocclusion of Primary Dentition

Practitioner Input

Use the form below to let us know what will support you best as a practitioner utilising the Myo Munchee

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