The Myo Munchee

"An amazingly powerful little tool that will help get their facial development back on track..." 

Dr Mary Bourke - Chiropractor and Director of Myo Australia 



Meet Mun and Crunch ... the Myo kids 

Mun Chee and Crunch the Cavegirl are the stars of our Myo Story which takes you on a fun-filled adventure through the imagination of our hero Mun. The Myo Story is designed to help kids understand the importance of chewing a Myo Munchee and acts as a tool to help kids stay on track while chewing. Watch out though, Mun Chee and Crunch seem to have taken over our Myo Munchee site too!


The lower 1/3 of your face is the most "intelligent" part of your body

The Myo Munchee can really help the development of this system.... read more

All our materials are durable, long lasting and non-toxic

The Myo Munchee is perfect for growing little faces.... read more

Perfect for kids aged between 2 and 5 to munch and crunch 

The Myo is perfect for young kids who aren't ready for braces or exercises. Myo Munchee can also help big kids and even grown ups.... read more